Aldo Conterno

The farmhouse “Poderi Aldo Conterno”, which vinifies its own grapes exclusively, consists of about 25 hectares of vineyard. Situated in Bussia, in Monforte d’Alba village, which is the very heart of the typical area of Barolo wine as well as Aldo Conterno is known as the "King of Barolo" in Italy.

The Conterno family has been producing and aging the great Piemontese wines for more than five generations. Aldo left his legendary brother at his father's cellar (the Giacomo Conterno estate) in 1969 to pursue his own winemaking interests and reputation, creating the wines of Poderi Aldo Conterno in the "Favot" cellar.

The Conterno brothers parted ways back in the late sixties to create their own styles of Barolo, Giovanni producing the more traditional style of the two. However, Aldo's wines are not considered modern; he still refuses to age them in small barriques. The wines are more fruit driven than the earthy wines of the Giacomo Conterno estate across town in Monforte. Aldo Conterno has a policy of producing only the highest quality wines while mixing tradition with innovation.

Most of the ground, which is at an altitude of about 400 m. above the sea level, is located South South-West and it is made of more or less compact sand layers of grey-brown colour alternated with white and bluish calcareous marls.

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