The Azienda Agricola Masciarelli is estabilished in San Martino in 1978 by Gianni Masciarelli and started producing wines in 1981. Today the Masciarelli winery is active in producing wine, extravirgin olive oil and it is also dedicated to wine tourism thanks to the purchase and careful restauration of the Masciarelli Palace “Castello di Semivicoli”. In the old cellar of his grandfather, who was producing small quantities of wine for his passion, Gianni Masciarelli started creating his own bottles.

From the 2.5 initial hectares, today the Masciarelli winery owns around 320 hectares, all cultivated with wineyards, scattered in 14 different towns in the 4 Abruzzo provinces: Chieti, Teramo, Pescara e L’Aquila. They are wineyards with very specific characteristic, rich in minerals, set at different altitudes (from 200 to 500 meters), grown either with the traditional ‘pergola abruzzese’ cultivation system, and the guyot raws; they are vineyards exposed to the different weather conditions and with different soils (chalky, clayey, sandy, rock layers, pebbly, etc.) which therefore are producing specific and different expressions of the wine varieties and exalting their specific features.

The heart of the winery is San Martino sulla Marrucina, a small village in Chieti province, located at 420 meters altitude, 20 kilometer distant from the Adriatic see and 20 kilometers distant from the peaks of the Majella mountain.

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