Montenidoli, the mountain of the little nests: 24 hectares of vineyards surrounded by 200 hectares of woodlands. The Etruscans were the first to discover this treasure and plant vines. Thes estate is owned by Elisabeta Fagiuoli, a living metaphor of her land, She came to Montenidoli in 1965, where the spirituality of the “gold-backed Madonna with Child” painted by the XIII-XIV Century Sienese Masters, works that broadcast a unique message to the world.

Following her family traditions, she has respected the land, cultivating it with exclusively organic methods. Sulfur and copper are the only substances used to fignt parasites, and only if absolutely necessary, because they believe sunlight and clean air to be the best medicine to make the vines healthy, strong, and resistant to disease and bad weather. The vineyards are planted with indigenous varietals: Vernaccia, san Gimignano's historic white grape, Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Trebbiano Gentile, and Malvasia Bianca -- The traditional grapes of Chianti. The first wine was born in a great vintage -- 1971.

The climate of the Tuscan countryside is temperate, and dry in the summer, it’s a perfect climate for great red wines, and indeed our valleys are renowned for them, but vernaccia is to be considered the red of white wines: the grapes may not yield highly fruited bouquets, but the wines are vigorous and long-lived: mineral wines of great power and structure that profit from wood and display excellent aging capacity, with their bouquets gaining interesting secondary aromas with the passage of time in bottle. Vernaccia Tradizionale, one of her white wines, fermented in cement tanks, with extended maceration of the skins to draw the most from the grapes, it's quite extracted, and tends to be a fairly deep gold, and can be quite charged, especially in a good vintage. It brings back good memories and is very nice with foods.

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