Wiston Estate Cuvée

Wiston Estate

English Quality Sparkling Wine

Refreshingandfine,withfragrantnotesofanEnglishOrchard,nectarines,honeyandbrioche,WistonEstateCuvée2015displaysanopulentexpressionofWiston’sCuvéestyle.Withimpressivedepth,itsfiligreetextureretainsWiston’ssignatureprecisionandelegance,thatgivesmorethananodtoFrenchbonestructure.Abeautifullyfocusedwinewithfantasticpotentialtoage,comprisingablendof45%PinotNoir,33%Chardonnayand22%PinotMeunier."Bravo to Wiston (and all the other producers who do it) for putting the disgorgement date and dosage on the back label. Golden colour. Fine sparse bead but very tight and sharp. Very toasty nose. The barrel ageing has made a huge impact on this wine, noseand palate. It’s rich and spicy, deeply golden in flavour, grilled brioche, golden peaches, satsumas and saffron. It rolls across the tongue like trumpet and drum, silvery notes slipping through old gold, intent, piercing. A very, very sophisticated sparkling wine.

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier
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