The Foradori estate, owned by Elisabetta Foradori, harvests grapes from vineyards covering 26 hectares : 80% of Teroldego, 15% of Manzoni Bianco and 5% of Nosiola - to produce an average of 150,000 bottles per year. The mountain ranges that make up the Dolomites, a World Heritage Site, are found between the Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions and delineate a landscape of extraordinary beauty. A unique environment where the exceptional natural context blends seamlessly with the history of the men who have passed through and lived in these mountains and to those who continue to do so. It is a land of passage, gateway between the Mediterranean and continental Europe, but also a captivating area that for millennia has led human communities to settle in the valleys, protected by the embrace of the peaks and constantly stimulated by the vital boost of their dizzying verticality.

The ancient grape-growing and wine culture flourishing in the area of Trentino and Alto Adige has acquired unique nuances,. The soil and its stones, ample differences between day and night temperatures, the breezes that blow punctually from lakes and valleys, the heat that is first absorbed and then released from the cliffs: these are just some of the factors that determine an incredible potential; an identity, both profound and well defined, that is conveyed from the roots to the grapes and wine. “In my work, I aspire to produce grapes and wine that express the true essence of my land. This same land that I will leave, healthy and alive, to my four children” this is Elisabetta’s thought

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