Livio Felluga

The Felluga family tradition extends over five generations. Seventy years ago the family’s skills were transferred to Friuli by the eldest son of the fourth generation, Livio, whose is regarded as the patriarch of viticulture and winemaking in the region. 

After the second wolrd war, the rural population was moving away, leaving the land and abandoning the crops, values and traditions. Livio Felluga faced a battle to revive the hills, convinced that only high-quality viticulture could breathe new life into the Friulian countryside.

With great courage, he began to restore old vineyards and plant new ones, introducing innovative ideas and techniques. It was hard work, but Livio set to it with the tenacity and passion that would help him in the coming years to create one of Friuli’s most impressive wineries. Earning his universally acknowledged reputation as the man who re-established Friuli’s winemaking heritage.

In the 1950s, Livio set up the cellar at Brazzano, sealing his love for the hill country with the far-sighted purchase of the first Felluga vineyards at Rosazzo. It was love at first sight, Abbazia di Rosazzo is an emblematic area ("Abbey of Rosazzo" in Italian), which for centuries has embodied Friuli’s wine history and culture.

Livio knows every step of his estate, he lives and breathes the land, and over the years his patience and determination have shaped it with his gentle hand.

Today, the Livio Felluga estate extends over more than 160 hectares of hill country in the Collio and Colli Orientali del Friuli, with 155 hectares planted to vine. The vineyards yield exclusively great wines with instantly recognisable fragrances and aromas.

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