Roberto Anselmi

“I worked hard to project a better reputation and image of the Soave wine area, accross the world markets”

The Anslemi winery is located in Monteforte d’Alpone, a little town immersed in the hills of Verona. The property extends to 70 hectares and is situated on the highest slopes of the hills between Monteforte and Soave where the main grape variety is the Garganega.

The Anslemi production focuses on white wine: “San Vincenzo”, two cru wines “Capitel Foscarino” and “Capitel Croce”, a sweet dessert wine “I Capitelli”, and a Cabernet Sauvignon (red)“Realda”.

Since taking over the management of his family’s winery two decades ago, Roberto Anselmi has been motivated by an emotional and professional commitment to tapping the unrealized potential of the wines he grew up with.  This has entailed a significant parting of ways with traditional vineyard and winemaking practices that have historically characterized the Soave district, and has given birth to a new generation of north Italian white wines of unprecedented quality, character and finesse.

In his drive to upgrade quality, Anselmi reduced output at the very same time that other producers, capitalizing on a white wine boom, were increasing theirs. Limiting production, however, has enabled Anselmi to be more selective in the vineyards, cutting yields and discarding all but the finest fruit to achieve an intensity of flavor, fruit and bouquet rarely, if ever, encountered in the wines of Soave.

Anselmi took this limited-production approach to the next level when he became virtually the only producer in the Soave Classico zone to develop “cru” or single-vineyard wines, notably with the release of the highly acclaimed Anselmi Capitel Foscarino.

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