Rossi Contini

The "Rossi Contini" winery is run by Annalysa and Fabio, who are devoted to the Dolcetto grape and have recently started vinifing also a white wine. A small production of Barbera wine is to be mentioned. Vineyards are located in the legendary “terre bianche”("white lands" ),in the hill of San Lorenzo,within the Ovada commune. It is such a good place for Dolcetto grape that the appellation as been recognised as a DOCG, the highest level in Italy's classification. The southward orientation, accentuated slope of the land, and curve of the very dense implantation, are other fundamental pro-quality factors.,whilsty the harvesting is totally manual. We fell in love with the purity of "Rossi Contini"'s Dolcettos, and we personally selected both of the two different examples Annalysa and Fabio make.
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