For years Gaetano Tamellini was content to grow grapes, which like nearly all of the countless Soave growers, good and bad, sold his production to the Soave Co-op. This massive cooperative monopolizes all but a handful of the DOC production. Convinced that his hillside vineyards deserved better and encouraged by the consistently fine offerings he had always bottled for home use, Tamellini took a great leap of faith.

He joined the elite rank of only 15 growers (at the time, there are now 20) in all of Soave who bottle their own individual estate wines. With the assistance of Paolo Caciorgna, one of Italy’s greatest white wine makers, Gaetano and his brother Pio Francesco turn out formidable Soave offerings. From 16 hectares of vineyards, Tamellini produces excellent Soave, Soave Superiore and two small individual single vineyard bottlings: "Anguane" and "Le Bine"

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