Tenuta San Leonardo

The Tenuta San Leonardo is a magical spot, with a long hiostory of important events that have taken place within its walls.

The ancient family name was Terzi, however it was changed to Guerrieri, meaning warriors, when a member of the family, namely Niccolò son of Ottobono, played a major role in the conquering of the fortress of Rocco, Le Marche in 1445.                                                                                                                                      

In1894 the Guerrieri Gonzaga family took up regular residence in Trento. Marchese Tullo, the grandfather of Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga, then married Gemma de Gresti whose family had owned the Tenuta San Leonardo for almost two centuries

Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga, however, was to be the first technically-adept member of the family. His training was directed not only by what was required to personally manage the family agricultural concern, but above all by a lively curiosity for the world’s great wines.

Today, Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga has spent nearly fifty years dedicating almost all of his time, energy, and attention to the Tenuta San Leonardo. Nothing escapes his benevolent supervision, whether that involves management of the vineyard, the various steps in the winemaking process, the harvest, or the communication of his wines to his loyal friends and customers.

For some years now, his son Anselmo has also been fully involved with the winery, like his father he is passionately committed to the Trentino area, to its cultural and physical landscapes and to its distinctive fragrances, even though he often has to separate himself from it to introduce the family’s wines internationally.

The estate is 25 hectares in size and is sited at a relatively low elevation of 150 metres, here merlot is planted in gravel-rich soils that were once the bed of a branch of the Adige. Sandier soils, at elevations of 150-200 metres, host cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, and the venerable carmenère vineyards.

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